SAHAYOG, a non-profit voluntary organization, was started with the core belief that people who are socially marginalized have the right to participate in the decisions that impact their lives.

While working in the field with youth, adolescent girls and even adult men and women and especially after the COVID pandemic, we have been witnessing the power and impact of the digital in influencing and shaping the world view of different members in a community.

COVID brought to light the disparity in access and use of the digital space which was highly gendered and class based in nature. As the digital world expanded, newer rules emerged which

SAHAYOG noticed that women and girls fell behind in their studies or dropped out, unable to join the smart classes offered by schools due to lack of access to the internet or smartphones.

Inequalities and rules applicable to women in the real world were reflected in the digital space. Moral policing and cybercrimes against women were on the rise.

So SAHAYOG started working with men and boys with certain objectives.

First, to make them responsible digital users, lessen the disparity and build allyship so they could promote digital access for women and girls around them.

Then help them recognize that some of the behaviours they are perpetuating online are harmful to people around them, and how to take steps to counter it.

 Next, be informed digital users aware of fake news and misinformation available in the digital sphere and be responsible in terms of believing in and sharing it.

And help them realize what kind of role they can play to reduce the harmful effects on women and girls, and become their allies.